Tom Masano Lincoln, your local Lincoln dealer, is happy to announce that the Lincoln Way™ App is ready to be downloaded. The new Lincoln Way™ App brings you a full suite of services and features at your fingertips. Connect directly with the Lincoln Concierge team if you have a problem. Have a chat with actual people who have real answers to your issues. Talk through the app or talk with an agent who will go over the issues you are having, including managing your roadside assistance account.*


The Lincoln Way™ App allows you to schedule service when it is needed. If your Lincoln needs service, schedule a pickup. Our team will bring you a loaner to drive when your Lincoln is getting serviced. When your service is done, we will bring you your vehicle washed and ready to drive.** Never worry about driving around the block countless times searching for a parking spot, as the Lincoln Way™ App lets you reserve and even pay for a parking stop with an interactive map and the Lincoln Pay feature.+ Unlock, lock, and start your vehicle through this app. You can also schedule starts ahead of time. This app is sure to change the way you drive. Download it today!